Quality English Editing Is Specially for Non-native English Speakers

Medical Writing & Translation Canada (MWTC) provides professional medical and biomedical editing/writing services. Since 2000, we have developed a network of highly-qualified editors from the top universities or institutions in the USA, UK, and Canada, our expert editors have corrected more than 1.5 million pages of manuscript for over 1000 professional scientific journals.

Our Standard Editing Service will edit your manuscript's errors in English grammar/spelling, delete redundancies, fix problem sentences, and polish your vocabulary. After our work has been completed, your manuscript will be ready at the publication standard.

Fees for Standard Editing: Standard Editing charges just US$ 0.098 per word, or US$49 per 500-word manuscript. If your manuscript includes tables or figures, each will be counted as 50 words.

Fees for Re-editing: If you want to make a revision of the final version, you can resubmit your paper for a re-edit at a rate only US$ 0.07 per word. The charge at this rate is only for pages actually re-edited.


Standard Editing:
          Number of words: 1000
          Total number of tables: 3

          Total number of words counted in tables: 150
          Total number of words in manuscript: 1000
          Price per word: US$0.098 

 Total price for standard editing: US$112.7

          Number of pages to be re-edited: 2 pages
          Number of words in the 2 pages: 500
          Number of tables to be re-edited: 1
          Number of words counted in tables: 50

          Total number of words to be re-edited: 550
          Price per re-edited word: US$0.07 
          Total price for revision: US$38.5

Every paper submitted for our Standard service is eligible to receive the MWTC Editing Certificate.

MWTC Editing Guarantee

Our professional editing surely improve the overall quality of your paper. If the edited paper is rejected for English language errors, we promise to re-edit your document for free.

Your manuscript altered by yourself, after our editors have edited your manuscript, is not included in the guarantee. We require, therefore, that you send us the final version of your manuscript when you ask for free re-editing.

You need our services? Contact us by Email at: support@medicalwriting.org